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Letters M to O

1233MADRIDUNREG Agreement
1234MAID OF BARRY0267291852/3DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1235MAID OF BARRY026729Agreement
1236MAID OF BARRY0267291875/12DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1237MAID OF SKER0771931877/8DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1238MAIN1153891904/11 DD PRO RBS C 8Register
1239MAJESTIC1135441901/10 DD PRO RBS C 7Register
1240MALDONADO089220 Agreement
1241MALDONADO0892201887/12 DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1242MANCHESTER095199 Agreement
1243MANCHESTER0951991890/20 DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1244M AND EUNREGAgreement
1245M AND E1051831896/10DD PRO RBS C 7Register
1246M AND JUNREGAgreement
1249MARCHIONESS OF BUTE1231571906/9DD PRO RBS C 8Register
1250MARDY1883CL PS CBO BT 28BoT Enq (Breaksea Point)
1251MARDY070268 Agreement
1252MARDY0702681874/11 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1253MARGARET1846/2 DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1254MARGARET0828291897/3 DD PRO RBS C 7Register
1255MARGARET JONES098429Agreement
1256MARGARET JONES0984291893/2DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1257MARGARITA065127 Agreement
1258MARGARITA0651271871/17 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1259MARGARITA0651271874/25 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1260MARIA1837/2DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1261MARIA ELIZA1826/1DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1262MARIA ELIZA1829/5DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1263MARIA ELIZA1836/4DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1264MARIA RICKMERS0651161870/10DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1265MARIE JOSEPH072523Agreement
1266MARIE JOSEPH0725231876/2DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1267MARIA ROSE029743See ROSE
1268MARIMA0850661903/11 DD PRO RBS C 8Register
1269MARINER0158561872/19 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1270MARQUIS019373 Agreement
1271MARQUIS019373DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
1272MARQUIS OF BUTE1840/3DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1273MARQUIS OF BUTE0270681847/3DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1274MARQUIS OF BUTE027068Agreement
1275MARS1824/1DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1276MARS1824/5DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1277MARTHA1843/5DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1278MARTHA1846/11DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1279MARTHA1848/7DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1280MARTHA026811DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1281MARTHA083805 Agreement
1282MARTHA0838051880/14 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1283MARTHAUNREG Agreement
1284MARY1830/2DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1285MARY1831/5DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1286MARY1833/6DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1287MARY1833/7DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1288MARY1836/29DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1289MARY1837/13DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1290MARY1843/4DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1291MARY1843/6DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1292MARY004473DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
1293MARY026739 Agreement
1294MARY0267391870/7 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1295MARY AND ELIZABETH1847/12DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1296MARY AND ELIZABETH1848/9DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1297MARY AND ELIZABETH0504331865/7DD PRO RBS C 1/4 App 22Register
1298MARY AND ELIZABETH050433DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
1299MARY AND ELIZABETH050433Agreement
1300MARY AND HARRIET1839/1DD PRO RBS C !/2Register
1301MARY ANN1828/3DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1302MARY ANN1836/22DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1303MARY ANN1838/9DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1304MARY ANN1838/10DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1305MARY ANN1845/2DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1306MARY ANN1849/5DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1307MARY ANN0116641853/2DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1308MARY ANN0089491855/10DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1309MARY ANNUNREGAgreement
1310MARY ANNING081785Agreement
1311MARY ANNING0817851880/4DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1312MARY ANNING095168Agreement
1313MARY ANNING0951681888/18DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1314MARY ANN NEWETT0125921855/11DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1315MARY DRIVER065128Agreement
1316MARY DRIVER0651281871/18DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1317MARY JONES1831/2DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1318MARY JONES1836/15DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1319MARY JONES1843/1DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1320MARY P KITCHIN0694301887/2DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1321MARY LOUISA079392Agreement
1322MARY LOUISA0793921879/2DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1323MARY NISH062268Agreement
1324MARY NISH0622681892/3DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1325MARY SOPHIA047377Agreement
1326MARY SOPHIA0473771865/5DD PRO RBS C 1/4 App 11Register
1327MARY SOPHIA047377DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
1328MARY STUART1841/1DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1329MARY STUART0250331851/1DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1330MARY THOMAS095183Agreement
1331MARY THOMAS0951831889/23DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1332MARY WHITNEY1847/10DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1333MASTER DE BARRI044255DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
1334MASTER DE BARRI044255Agreement
1335MATILDA1827/4DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1336MATTHEW CURTIS077215Agreement
1337MATTHEW CURTIS0772151878/9DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1338MAUDUNREG Agreement
1339MAY098439 Agreement
1340MAY0984391893/14D D PRO RBS C 6Register
1341MAY095186 Agreement
1342MAY0951861889/27D D PRO RBS C 6Register
1343MECCA0021141854/10 DD PRO RBS C ?Register
1344MEDINA087469 Agreement
1345MEDINA0874691883/31 DD PRO RBS C 5Register
1346MELAMPUS065125 Agreement
1347MELAMPUS0651251871/13 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1348MELITA095278 Agreement
1349MELROSE ABBEY1909CL PS CBO BT 222BoT Enq (France)
1350MELROSE ABBEY077196Agreement
1351MELROSE ABBEY0771961877/11DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1352MEMNON1826/8DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1353MEMNON1829/6DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1354MEMNON0139181835/5 DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1355MERCHANT1847/2 DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1356MERCHANT1848/8 DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1357MERCYUNREG Agreement
1358MERMAID006024 Agreement
1359MERMAID0060241869/9 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1360MERMAID0060241871/7 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1361MERSEY1199751905/16 DD PRO RBS C 8Register
1362MERTHYR086489 Agreement
1363MERTHYR0864891882/35 DD PRO RBS C 5Register
1364MERTHYR PACKET1826/2DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1365MERTHYR PACKET1836/8DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1366MERTHYR PACKET1846/6DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1367MERTHYR PACKET1854/22DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1368MERTHYR PACKET0270991855/15DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1369MESSENGER1838/4D D PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1370MICHAELSON1051901897/12 DD PRO RBS C 7Register
1371MILLICENT KNIGHT1135321900/27DD PRO RBS C 7Register
1372MILLO072538 Agreement
1373MILLO0725381877/2 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1374MILLYUNREG Agreement
1375MILO058709 Agreement
1376MILO0587091870/12 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1377MILLWALL1027461906/13 D D PRO RBS C 8Register
1378MININGU051455 Agreement
1379MININGU0514551866/4 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1380MINNA THOMAS063397Agreement
1381MINNA THOMAS0633971870/4DD PRO RBS C 1/4 App 33Register
1382MINNIEUNREG Agreement
1383MINNIE L083815Agreement
1384MIRANDAUNREG Agreement
1385MIRIAM089214 Agreement
1386MIRIAM0892141887/6 DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1387MISCHIEF089199 Agreement
1389MISCHIEF0891991885/5 DD PRO RBS C 5Register
1390MISCHIEF1231531906/6 DD PRO RBS C 8Register
1392MISTY MORN0602531868/7DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1393MIURA132855 Fishing
1394MIZPAHUNREG Agreement
1395MOLIERE087486 Agreement
1396MOLIERE0874861883/51 DD PRO RBS C 5Register
1397MONARCH1067121904/40 D D PRO RBS C 8Register
1398MONARCH106712 Fishing
1399MONNEQUASH016960 DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
1400MONNEQUASH016960 Agreement
1401MONTERY047197DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
1402MONTERY047197 Agreement
1403MORA077195 Agreement
1404MORA0771951877/10 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1406MOSS ROSE084655Agreement
1407MOSS ROSE0846551881/16DD PRO RBS C 1/5Register
1408MOSS ROSE1027781902/6?Register
1409MOUNTAIN MAID1836/5DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1410MOUNT VERNON029747DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
1411MOUNT VERNON029747DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
1412MOUNT VERNON029747Agreement
1413MYSTERY0984211892/7 DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1414NANSCOW0014611854/18 DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1415NAOMIUNREG Agreement
1416NELLIEUNREG Agreement
1417NELSON087479 Agreement
1418NELSON0874791883/43 DD PRO RBS C 5Register
1419NELSONUNREG Agreement
1420NEMOPHILA108436 Fishing
1421NEMOPHILA1084361904/43 DD PRO RBS C 8Register
1422NETHERFIELD1053921902/10 DD PRO RBS C 8Register
1423NETHER HOLME1907CL PS CBO BT 212BoT Enq (Pembs.)
1424NETLEY ABBEY079383Agreement
1425NETLEY ABBEY0793831878/20DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1426NETTLE1842/8DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1427NEW CITY0723251898/22DD PRO RBS C 7Register
1428NEWTON089172 Later LOWLANDS
1429NEWTON0891721884/5 DD PRO RBS C 5Register
1430NIGHTINGALE1854/9 DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1431NIGHTINGALE0192331855/8 DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1432NIGHT WATCH018876DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
1433NIGHT WATCH018876Agreement
1434NIGHT WATCH0188761861/10DD PRO RBS C 1/4 App 9Register
1435NILLO072538 Agreement
1436NIMBLE000689DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
1437NIMROD003913 Agreement
1438NIMROD020139 Agreement
1439NIMROD020139DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
1440NIMROUD003913 Agreement
1441NIMROUD003913DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
1442NIMROUD0039131872/7 DD PRO RBS C 1/4 App 5Register
1443NINA055499 Agreement
1444NINIAN STUART089164Agreement
1445NINIAN STUART0891641883/72DD PRO RBS C 5Register
1446NODZU132856 Fishing
1447NOGI123200 Fishing
1448NOLISEMENT1153751902/14 DD PRO RBS C 8Register
1449NORA095184 Agreement
1450NORA0951841889/24 DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1451NORBERTO0903101906/3 DD PRO RBS C 8Register
1452NORMA098433 Agreement
1453NORMA0984331893/7 DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1454NORMAN128742 Fishing
1455NORTH BRITON1912CL PS CBP BT 242BoT Enq (Ushant)
1456NORTH BRITON098426Agreement
1457NORTH BRITON0984261892/12DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1458NORTHCLIFFE1199801905/22 DD PRO RBS C 8Register
1459NORTH DEVON079391Agreement
1460NORTH DEVON0793911879/1DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1461NORTHLAND1097901900/2 DD PRO RBS C 7Register
1462NORTH SEA05630001900/9DD PRO RBS C 7Register
1463NORTH STAR0888511903/1DD PRO RBS C 8Register
1464NORTHAM1153691902/5 DD PRO RBS C 8Register
1465NORTHWAITE1199791905/21 DD PRO RBS C 8Register
1466N.STRONG095200 Agreement
1467N.STRONG0952001890/22 D D PRO RBS C 6Register
1468NUGGET0092921853/8DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
1469No 1 STEAM HOPPER0951701889/1DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1470No 2 STEAM HOPPER0951711889/2DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1471No 5 STEAM HOPPER0951721889/3DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1472No 6 STEAM HOPPER0951751889/9DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1473N.STRONG095200 Fishing
1474NYMPHUNREG Agreement
1475OCEAN PEARL053663Agreement
1476OCEAN PEARL0556631873/8DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1477OCKLINGE1932CL PS CBO BT 259BoT Enq (Cornwall)
1478OCTAVIA0278171898/20 DD PRO RBS C 7Register
1479OKEHAMPTON1231591906/12 DD PRO RBS C 8Register
1480OKU128499 Fishing
1481OLIVE0146591872/13 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1482OLIVE1135351900/36 DD PRO RBS C 7Register
1483OLIVE BRANCH0267251837/1DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
1484OLIVE BRANCH026725DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
1485OLIVE BRANCH026725Agreement
1486OLIVIA012786 Agreement
1488ORDOVICIAN1906 CL PS CBO BT 205BoT Enq (Santa Cruz, Portugal)
1489ORDOVICIAN1135311900/25 DD PRO RBS C 7Register
1490ORIENTAL0328841872/10 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1491ORMESBY065134 Agreement
1492ORMESBY0651341872/5 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
1493OSWIN095189 Agreement
1494OSWIN0951891890/3 DD PRO RBS C 6Register
1495OTTILLIA015493DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
1496OUSE1911CL PS CBO BT 236BoT Enq (HartlandPt., Devon)
1497OUSE058780 Agreement
1498OUSE0587801883/8D D PRO RBS C 5Register
1499OYAMA123199 Fishing