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649GABALVA019369DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
650GABALVA077218 Agreement
651GABALVA0772181878/10DD PRO RBS C1/4Register
652GABALVA095155 Agreement
653GABALVA0951551888/3DD PRO RBS C 6Register
654GALDAMES1886CL PS CBO BT 62BoT Enq (Ile de Sein)
655GALDAMES077220 Agreement
656GALDAMES0772201878/16D D PRO RBS C 1/4Register
657GALILEE095174 Agreement
658GALILEE0951741889/5DD PRO RBS C 6Register
659GALLOPER086493 Agreement
660GALLOPER0864931883/3DD PRO RBS C 5Register
661GANYMEDE029745DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
662GANYMEDE029745 Agreement
663GARDEPEE1890CL PS CBO BT 90BoT Enq (Sea of Azof)
664GARDEPEE086487 Agreement
665GARDEPEE0864871882/32D D PRO RBS C 5Register
666GARIBALDI029748DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
667GARLAND008327DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
668GARONNE089187 Agreement
669GARONNE0891871884/27DD PRO RBS C 5Register
670GARRISON055127 Agreement
671GARRISON0551271882/5DD PRO RBS C 5Register
673GARTH0891801884/20DD PRO RBS C 5Register
674GARTNESS0951981890/19D D PRO RBS C 6Register
675GATHORNE068148 Agreement
676GATHORNE0681481873/24D D PRO RBS C 1/4Register
678GELERT0874621883/20DD PRO RBS C 5Register
679GEMUNREGA greement
680GEM008195DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
681GEM0081951873/4DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
682GEMINE0984281892/14DD PRO RBS C 6Register
683GEMINI1893CL PS CBO BT 115BoT Enq (Manaela Rocks, Cornwall)
685GEMINI0952771889/6DD PRO RBS C 6Register
686GENERAL NAPIER087489Agreement
687GENERAL NAPIER0874891883/54DD PRO RBS C 5Register
688GENERAL ROBERTS084669Agreement
689GENERAL ROBERTS0846691882/2DD PRO RBS C 5Register
690GEORGE1911CL PS CBO BT 234BoT Enq (North Sea)
691GEORGE0997581904/15DD PRO RBS C 8Register
692GEORGE0996001904/37DD PRO RBS C 8Register
693GEORGE099600 Fishing
694GEORGE FISHER077206Agreement
695GEORGE FISHER0772061877/26DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
696GEORGE LAMBE1883CL PS CBO BT 23BoT Enq (Bristol Channel)
697GEORGE LAMBE0874561883/16DD PRO RBS C 5Register
698GEORGE THOMAS016690Agreement
699GEORGE THOMAS016690DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
700GERTRUDE1848/5DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
701G.E.WOOD068142 Agreement
702G.E.WOOD0681421873/13DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
703GILESTON1051981898/13DD PRO RBS C 7Register
704GIRONDE1889CL PS CBO BT 84BoT Enq (Ile de Sein)
705GIRONDE083824 Agreement
706GIRONDE0838261881/8DD PRO RBS C 1/5Register
707GITANA020860DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
708GLADIOLUS1891CL PS CBO BT 95BoT Enq (Lundy Island)
709GLADYS0892071886/6DD PRO RBS C 6Register
710GLADYS0587941894/6DD PRO RBS C 6Register
711GLADYS089207 Agreement
712GLAMORGAN1825/7DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
713GLAMORGAN1834/7DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
714GLAMORGAN1836/27DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
716GLAMORGAN019324DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
717GLAMORGAN0193241844/1 DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
719GLAMORGAN0681341872/15 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
720GLAMORGAN0873911891/1 DD PRO RBS C 6Register
721GLAMORGAN1153741902/13 DD PRO RBS C 8Register
722GLANCE073132 Agreement
723GLANCE0731321878/19DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
724GLANCEUNREG Agreement
725GLANHOWY0891931884/32 DD PRO RBS C 5Register
726GLASLYN072531 Agreement
727GLASLYN0725311876/12DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
728GLEANER1827/3DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
729GLEANER1836/24DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
730GLEANER1850/1DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
731GLEANER021276DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
732GLEANER0212761862/4 App 2DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
733GLEANER021276 Agreement
734GLEANER027064DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
735GLEANER027064 Agreement
736GLENHAVEN054981 Agreement
737GLENDOWER087340 Agreement
738GLENDOWER0873401883/23 DD PRO RBS C 5Register
739GLENFYNE079395 Agreement
740GLENHAVEN0549811877/20 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
741GLEN ROSA1051741895/9DD PRO RBS C 7Register
742GLEN ROSA1051741896/4DD PRO RBS C 7Register
743GLOAMIN055567 Agreement
744GLOAMIN0555671887/16DD PRO RBS C 6Register
745G.N.WILKINSON063032 Agreement
746G.N.WILKINSON0630321884/11 DD PRO RBS C 5Register
747GODOLPHIN1888CL PS CBO BT 78BoT Enq (Cornwall)
748GODOLPHIN0814951881/13 DD PRO RBS C 1/5Register
749GODREVY084673 Agreement
750GODREVY0846731882/8DD PRO RBS C 5Register
751GOIDELIAN1905CL PS CBO BT 196BoT Enq (Portugal)
752GOIDELIAN1135481901/15D D PRO RBS C 8Register
753GOLCONDA089178 Agreement
754GOLCONDA0891781884/18D D PRO RBS C 5Register
755GONDOLA086491 Agreement
756GONDOLA0864911882/37DD PRO RBS C 5Register
757GOOD HOPE1835/7DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
758GOOD HOPE1838/8DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
759GORSEDD0984501895/2DD PRO RBS C 6Register
760GORSEDD1894CL PS CBO BT 124BoT Enq (Ile de Sein)
762GRACE0817821880/1DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
764GRACE DARLING084679Agreement
765GRACE DARLING0846791882/26DD PRO RBS C 1/5Register
766GRACE DARLING0846791882/26DD PRO RBS C 1/5 App 189Register
767GRANVILLE000871 Agreement
768GRANVILLE0008711872/21D D PRO RBS C 1/4Register
769GRAPPLER089194 Agreement
770GRAPPLER0891941884/34DD PRO RBS C 5Register
771GRATITUDE0232861839/2D D PRO RBS C 1/2Register
772GRATITUDE023286DD PRO RBS 1/3Register
773GRATITUDE028864DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
774GREENHILL1153681902/4DD PRO RBS C 8Register
775GREEN JACKET1051921898/6DD PRO RBS C 7Register
776GRELDON1153801903/9DD PRO RBS C 8Register
777GRETA1051821896/7DD PRO RBS C 7Register
778GRIMSBY1897CL PS CBO BT 158BoT Enq (Barnstaple)
779GRIMSBY018881 Agreement
780GRIMSBY0188811889/12DD PRO RBS C 6Register
781GRINDON HALL1908CL PS CBO BT 215BoT Enq (Bound for Glasgow)
782GRINDON HALL1199781905/19DD PRO RBS C 8Register
783GROESWEN1135331900/31D D PRO RBS C 7Register
784GUAM054885 Agreement
786GULNARE047205DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
787GWALIA084990 Agreement
788GWALIA0849901881/23DD PRO RBS C1/5Register
789GWALIA1199681905/6DD PRO RBS C 8Register
791GWENDOLINE0866391883/15DD PRO RBS C 5Register
793GWENLLIAN THOMAS078442Agreement
794GWENLLIAN THOMAS0784421890/28DD PRO RBS C 6Register
795GWENTLAND084668 Agreement
796GWENTLAND0846681882/1 DD PRO RBS C 5Register
797HACKNEY0963091901/4DD PRO RBS C 7Register
798HANLEY1153711902/9DD PRO RBS C 8Register
800HARMONY024008DD PRO RBS 1/3Register
801HARMONY024008 Agreement
802HARRIET1834/3DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
803HARRIET1836/1DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
804HARRIET SOPHIA036023DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
806HARTLAND060566 Fishing
807HASLAND1911CL PS CBO BT 235BoT Enq (Mediterranean)
808HASLAND0845291899/4DD PRO RBS C 7Register
809HATANO132964 Fishing
810HATFIELD0869371899/22DD PRO RBS C 7Register
811HAULWEN1153791903/8DD PRO RBS C 8Register
812HAWK1827/1DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
813HAWK1097751898/26DD PRO RBS C 7Register
814HAWTHORNE0814581897/4 DD PRO RBS C 7Register
815HAZELMERE0961411900/28 DD PRO RBS C 7Register
816HECTOR065311 Agreement
817HECTOR0653111873/22DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
818HELEN1853/5DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
819HELEN AND STELLA050432DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
820HELEN AND STELLA050432Agreement
821HELEN BURNS044258DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
822HELEN BURNS044258Agreement
823HELLESPONT1879CL PS CBO BT 3BoT Enq (Cap Finisterre)
824HELLESPONT068149 Agreement
825HELLESPONT0681491873/28 DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
827HENRY ANNING1894CL PS CBO BT 126BoT Enq (Biscay)
828HENRY ANNING077219Agreement
829HENRY ANNING0772191878/15DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
830HENRY GILLESPIE1852/2DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
831HERBERT0235491854/26DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
832HERALD OF DROGHEDA089331Agreement
833HERCULES0651211871/5DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
834HERCULES1135261900/19D D PRO RBS C 7Register
835HER MAJESTY077205Agreement
836HER MAJESTY0772051877/25DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
837HER MAJESTY077205Fishing
838HERO051398 Agreement
839HERO0513981873/25DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
840HILBRE0986741902/7DD PRO RBS C 8Register
842HILLHOUSE1199641905/4DD PRO RBS C 8Register
843HIPPARCHUS054423 Agreement
844HIPPARCHUS0544231868/1D D PRO RBS C 1/4Register
845HIRAM1854/5DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
847HOLMESBANK1231561906/10 DD PRO RBS C 8Register
848HONOR015551DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
850HOPEUNREG Agreement
851HOPE1837/12DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
852HOPE0220081838/3DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
853HOPE1847/15DD PRO RBS C 1/2Register
854HOPPER No 31199621904/47DD PRO RBS C 8Register
855HOPPER No 41199641905/2DD PRO RBS C 8Register
856HOPPER No 81199771905/18DD PRO RBS C 8Register
857HOPPER No 71199741905/20DD PRO RBS C 8Register
859HOUND0568471866/9DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
860HOYHEAD089162 Agreement
861HOYHEAD0891621883/70DD PRO RBS C 5Register
862HUDDERSFIELD1901CL PS CBO BT 175BoT Enq (N Atlantic)
863HUDDERSFIELD1908CL PS CBO BT 216BoT Enq (Devon)
864HUDDERSFIELD1097741898/25 DD PRO RBS C 7Register
865HUDDERSFIELD1097931900/6 DD PRO RBS C 7Register
866HUNGARIAN0804521900/11 DD PRO RBS C 7Register
867HURON001899DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
869I.A.S. (or J.A.S)UNREGAgreement
870IBIS0561501889/17DD PRO RBS C 6Register
871IDDESLEIGH1199471904/16 DD PRO RBS C 8Register
872IJUIN132854F ishing
873I'LL TRYUNREGAgreement
875ILLTYD0951791889/15DD PRO RBS C 6Register
876ILWEN1199501904/19DD PRO RBS C 8Register
877IMPETUOUS012935DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
878INDUS044252DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
879INDUSTRIOUS1825/15DD PRO RBS C 1/1Register
881INGOLDSBY1895CL PS CBO BT 140BoT Enq (Ile de Re)
882INGOLDSBY083821 Agreement
883INGOLDSBY0838211881/4D D PRO RBS C 1/4Register
884IOLANTHE095154 Agreement
885IOLANTHE0951541888/2DD PRO RBS C 6Register
886IOLO MORGANWG087458Agreement
887IOLO MORGANWG0874581883/13DD PRO RBS C 5Register
888IONA086499A greement
889IONA0864991883/14DD PRO RBS C 5Register
890IPHIGENIA041978 Agreement
891IPHIGENIA0419781866/6DD PRO RBS C 1/4 App 20Register
892IPHIGENIA0419781869/12DD PRO RBS C 1/4 App 20Register
893IRENE0753681901/13DD PRO RBS C 8Register
894IRON DUKE018587DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
895IRON DUKE018587Agreement
896ISABELLA010696DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
897ISABELLA036829DD PRO RBS C 1/3Register
898ISABELLA036829 Agreement
899ISABELLA0368291861/3DD PRO RBS C 1/4Register
900ISABELLE073928 Agreement