From an Almanac for the year 1800:-

The British Fleet in Nova Scotia

The fleet was under the command of George Vandeport,

Esq., Admiral of the Blue, and was composed of the:-

Asia, 64 guns;

St.Albans, 54 guns;

Cleopatra, 32 guns;

Boston, 32 guns;

Andromache, 32 guns;

Hind, 28 guns;

Porcupine, 24 guns;

Pheasant, 16 guns;

Termagant, 18 guns;

Fly, 16 guns;

Swan, 14 guns,

Lilly, 14 guns

The troops were under the command of H. R. H. the Duke of Kent, and consisted of Royal Artillery one Company, the 7th Regiment (Royal Fusiliers); 24th Regiment, 66th Regiment (Berkshire), and the Royal Nova Scotia Regiment.