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This letter was written to Frank HISCOCK, in New Zealand,by his fatherDaniel HISCOCK in All Cannings, Wilts. Frank's mother was Sarah nee MASLEN .She and Daniel were married on 11 Nov 1824 at All Cannings. Daniel was theson of Jeffrey & Dorothy ( nee TUCKER) HISCOCK and Sarah is probably the dauof Daniel and Sarah MASLEN. Daniel was 74 years of age when he wrote this.

Feb' 20 1875.I recevid your letter and the paper all right. We thought we should hearfrom you again before now as you said the family was to incress but we hopeit is all right now and we would you better luk than we have hear for wehave had mother Jacob and Harry maid all bad all together and I had to lookafter them.I never don not way work for 3 moths but now they are all betterthank God There have been a good many died John Cowdry Betsey Hibberd JamayMaslen and lots more that is next door Nailers There is Mr James Maslenand Mr Jimin Hiscock 4 land holders. All most our head men James Maslenfall Ded from his chair there is 2 laying Ded now this morning and Ann isvery ill She have been go for some weeks She is left single again Shehave no husband for near 2 years They Gorge been Ded You must make itout as well as you can for I cant right my hand is to shaky in the --77and if I go get someone right you Do say you cant make it out Youhad not eny birds when you first entered the land but now you can see som Ithink for we have send you a good meny All Forty and you send and tell ushow your little birds is getting on and the old ones to. If my hand wasbetter I would tell you more. So give our kind love to all and God bless youall from Daniel HiscocksAll CanningsNear DevzesWilts Englen

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