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NEW BOOK PUBLISHED - PORLOCK VALE RIDING SCHOOL: The home of British Equestrianism by Jacquline Peck

My wife's book on the Story of Porlock Vale Riding School, Somerset, from 1946 to 1962 was published by TEMPUS in August 2002. Orders may be placed by e-mailing More information can be obtained from Jackie's website


Welcome to my website !

My name, as you can see, is Robert (Bob) Sanders. I live on the outskirts of Cardiff, the Capital City of Wales (which is in the UK but not as some people imagine a part of England ! and No I am not a Welsh Nationalist (except on Rugby International Days) but I am proud of being Welsh as well as I am of having English ancestry and being British). Apart from genealogy I have interests in local, national and international history, military history, ships and shipping, railways and railway history, the countryside, landscape and wildlife, music (jazz, classical, opera, theatrical, popular of the period up to about the 1970s), watching rugby, athletics and equestrian sports, postcards, poster art, stamps, railway and military modelling and many other things !

I have been researching family history for over 40 years in various parts of the UK. I started in the days before family history societies, before the LDS made so many records available on fiche etc, before the hobby became popular and when County Record Offices were in their infancy. In those days the only ways to obtain information on church records was by visiting the church itself and doing a search through their registers. This, of course, meant travelling long distances, finding the churches concerned and arranging with the incumbents to be allowed to search the registers.

Things have moved on greatly since then. There are now so many aids to research available in the form of indexes produced in book, fiche or CD ROM form by the LDS, Family History Societies and other organisations that research is much easier.

About four years ago I discovered the Internet as a source of research and contact with other researchers and since then my researches have improved by leaps and bounds ! Through the power of the net I have found numerous branches of families I have been researching all over the World - some collateral ancestors and relatives that had been "lost" for 30 or 40 years have turned up in E-mails !

This site is intended to help others to improve their knowledge of their ancestors, to help them with their research and to enable me to make more contacts with people researching the same families as me. Through connections to my other sites it lists the families I am interested in, provides some brief guidance on researching UK mariners, timelines of history for the UK, Glamorgan and Cardiff, various indexes to named individuals relating to Glamorgan eg Cardiff Crew Lists 1863 to 1913, Deeds Index for Glamorgan, indexes to various occupational groups in Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan parish registers etc

Because I have had an interest in research for such a long period and because I am intersted in history and genealogy generally (and perhaps because I am nosey !) some of the families I have researched, particularly in Glamorgan, are not directly related to me, but most have some connection with me or my ancestors or relatives. I also provide a PROFESSIONAL RESEARCH SERVICE

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Letters from the Past

This NEW site where transcripts of family letters relating to UK families may be viewed and searched is now available, albeit in test mode. The letters included are from or to any part of the World provided that they include reference to people then resident in the UK. If anyone has any such letters in their posession and wishes to share them please contact me at r.sanders3@ntlworld. com or at

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